School Library Provision and Services in Sierra Leone



Harrod’s (2000), characterized school library as a composed assortment of books put in a school for the utilization of educators and understudies, however for the most part for students. It might involve books of reference as well as books for home perusing and under the watchful eye of an expert curator, or instructor bookkeeper. It is differently call “Instructional Materials Center”, “Learning Center or Media focus.”

The School library fills in as an assistance office which underpins the schools’ goals and gives materials to all subjects and all enthusiasm of students and instructors. The school library is a strong asset of the school educational program, its arrangements, administrations, and advancement is aimed at helping school programs (Kinnel, 1994).

Libraries for the most part have as their primary reason securing, preparing, putting away and dispersing data to which school library isn’t an exemption. The school library has a crucial task to carry out in the data administration. They give materials pertinent to the curricular needs of everyone with the school network. The significance of giving such assets can’t be overemphasized if the school library is to be an instigator of and support for asset based learning in the school.

Likewise, in connection to data abilities, the library and its custodian, make accessible materials and administrations in various assortments to permit the two understudies and the school network to utilize these aptitudes in finding the data they need.

The reason and theory of school library administration are quickly being comprehended and acknowledged by school directors and educators. The reality requires that the school custodian be completely acquainted with those reasons, for example, direction, the understanding system and the improvement program for students and educators. In any case, Albert Academy library has no prepared and qualified curator, who comprehends and plays out those reasons so as to guarantee that the administration arrangement is completely accomplished.

Albert Academy School Library

The Albert Academy was initiated on the fourth October 1904. It was until 1975 when the Albert Academy Alumni Association in their gathering thought it savvy that such a respectable establishment must not abandon a library as the improvement of school libraries was at its most elevated top around then. A plan to raise a library building was brought into the world with the joint effort of the graduated class affiliation and the proprietors of the school that is the United Methodist Church. The library was set up with the point of having a spot where understudies could proceed to investigate new plans to additionally reinforce their school educational program exercises and recreation also.

The library was formally opened to the whole school network by His Excellency the late Dr. Siaka P. Stevens on fourth October 1976, at that point President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and furthermore an individual from the Albert Academy Alumni Association class of 1922. The library was named after him following the gigantic commitment he made towards setting up the library for the school network. The Albert Academy Library has a crucial “Bolster school educational plan exercises by giving materials of pertinence in the school procedure and to present as good as ever data sources to help make the school to be in accordance with current measures of instruction.”

The destinations of the Albert Academy school library are as per the following:

I. To furnish understudies with library materials and administrations generally proper and generally significant in their development and improvement;

ii. To partake completely in school programs as it strikes to address the issues of understudies, educators, guardians and others network individuals;

iii. to animate and direct understudies in all periods of their perusing that they may discover expanding happiness and fulfillment and may develop in basic judgment and appreciation;

iv. To make accessible new advancement and keep students side by side of current patterns in training perceive peruser’s needs and keeping them all around educated so as to make a well unique instructive condition;

v. To work with the instructor in the choice and generation of instructive materials that meet the points of the educational plan, offer direction in the utilization of assortment, assessment of training projects and materials, encourages the area, association and support of materials productively; and

vi. To assist understudies with becoming talented clients of libraries and of printed and broad media materials.

Library Provision at Albert Academy School Library

A significant job in the data administration gave by current school library is in the arrangement of materials pertinent to the curricular needs of understudies and educators. As of late, the educational program exercises have moved to another level, where the school being steady asset of this development, must undertaking to house an assortment of print and non-print materials and approach where conceivable to electronic wellsprings of data which are additionally part of the data assets in the library.

Given the requests of the advanced school educational program, the school library should now house a wide assortment of print and non-print materials and approach, where conceivable, to electronic wellsprings of data. The Albert Academy School gives printed materials, book, fiction and true to life just as flyers, papers, graph, pictures, monographs, manuals, handbooks, course books and other reference books the library likewise gives non-books materials which incorporate sound and broad media materials, slides, tape-slides, video tapes, and CD ROM’s. In spite of the fact that these are not materials in the customary sense, regardless they comprise assets for use by students and instructors. Utilization of electronic sources help school libraries to give understudies and instructors an idea of a School Information Center which isn’t proceeded to the school yet is a connect to a ceaseless stock of data (Herring, 1988).

Albert Academy School Library Services

The motivation behind setting up Albert Academy School Library is to give administrations to the two understudies and educators in an offer to satisfy one of its significant purposes, which is to help educational program objectives by giving administrations that are essentially connected to the satisfaction of this reason.

One of the chief administrations of the Albert Academy School library is to go about as back-up to the under resourced school program. Indeed, even propelled nations can only with significant effort stock materials extending from (5,000) to twenty thousand (20,000) in a little space to give assistance to class programs. Accordingly, they see the requirement for focal supply of materials which can be acquired for varying periods of time (loaning administration) and furthermore for perusing and counsel administrations. This is done so as to increase the school educational program at the Albert Academy which is comprehensive of the Basic Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences, Humanities and the Fine Arts.

Albert Academy School library additionally gives between library credit administrations demands. This is especially significant to senior understudies considering themes across subjects offered top to bottom. Students who can’t bear to buy or access such costly materials profit by this kind of library administration. Through between library credit administrations, materials are sourced from different schools libraries to assist the two understudies and instructors.

A reference administration is additionally given at Albert Academy School library. The School Librarians spend a sizeable extent of their time giving what in different libraries term would be named as reference administration. In giving a reference administration, school Librarians play out a comparative job to that of different curators. In a reference meet in school, every understudy is treated as significant as the other and given the Librarian’s complete consideration. This is accomplished by close to home help given to the students and educators in discovering explicit data whether immediate or backhanded. A portion of the reference materials at the Albert Academy School Library are lexicons, reference books, catalogs, yearbooks, accounts papers, maps and diagrams, and the scholarly and managerial schedule of occasions or the activity of the school.

One of the most significant administrations gave by Albert Academy School library is that of data arrangement. The Albert Academy School library keeps the instructors and understudies educated about new instructive assets and improvement in the fields important to them by showing the coats of books that just showed up. The Albert Academy School library utilizes Current Awareness Services (CAS) to accomplish this objective. This is finished by distinguishing the data needs of the two instructors and students and addressing these necessities. Connected to the CAS is the Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) and this is progressively specific with educators. This reaches from keeping singular instructors educated about new assets in the library or about recently distributed materials, to alarming educators to gatherings and course requests or occasion connected to their curricular intrigue.

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