Duties Of Student Towards Their Motherland


Student are the future leaders and rulers of the country the nation shall be as their students are today they must be given in students life for the future prosperity and greatness of their country.

Students can help in building a free Pakistan in several ways but they must be very careful in choosing their path. They may offer their services in various developmental projects. Many social problems need their services. That may work in the villages.

Another way open for them is to prepare themselves for heavy responsibilities in the future. They should try should try to become good citizen of the future. This is the most useful way from the personal as well as national points of view against this background, the following are the essential duties of students in free Pakistan.

Life is short for acquiring knowledge. Student life is mainly meant for studies. A student who devotes his full energy and time to his studies is a good son for his mother land. Pakistan needs mentally alert young men and women. it is the duty of student to prepare themselves mentally in the best possible way.

Role Of Discipline:

A nation of indiscipline citizens can never make any progress. Such a nation is always in danger of extinction. This is a serious drawback of a national life. Not only student but also mature citizens, responsible leaders and honorable legislators often behave in an indiscipline way. This shows that they did not get proper training in daily life. Naturally it becomes the most important duty of student to be fully discipline. They should be  discipline in every thought and action. No one can become disciplined in a day. We have to practice it every day of our life. Our student will be doing a great service to the nation, if they become disciplined. It is essential in their class-room as well as in their life outside school and colleges.

During the national struggle for freedom, students were asked to take active part in the struggle. But it but in free Pakistan students must devote all their time to their studies. However, some political parties want to use students to serve their own political ends. In certain Cities, students had been used as tool by different political parties. They have take part in meditations against price-rise,  unemployment or the dissolution of some legislative Assembly at the cost of their studies. Students must safeguard themselves against this  involvement in politics. It simply means wastage of time and energy. Only mature  minds can be successful in politics. The prime duty of students is to carry on their studies with merit.They should avoid politics.

A nation does not live by its big factories, dams or buildings. It can live only by the character of his people.

During the hundred years of foreign rules our moral character was shaken. Students are yet in the process of training. it is their sacred duty to build up their character. They must learn from the very beginning the lesson of self-help, self- reliance and  self-sacrifice. These are the essential qualities of character which they must acquire. The time has now come when competitions must give place to corporation in Every Walk of life student should learn to co-operate with each other in their class rooms, on playgrounds and in other activities of college life. For them, no duty is of greater importance than the development of character.

In short, the present is not the concern of the student. Seasoned and experience leaders are there the shape the destiny of the nation. students will be required to take their place when they retire. Their duty as present is to prepare for the future. They should be well- equipped morally, emotionally, mentally and physically. In this way alone, would they be discharging their duty towards their motherland.

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