Top Universities In The World 2020

At Harvard University the golden left shoe on John Harvard’s statue stands out as an odd contrast to the rest of him all dark and somber apparently rubbing it is considered to be a source of inspiration and good luck students and tourists have been doing.

It for over a hundred years after all what man woman or child doesn’t know the power of Harvard that’s how influential a University’s band can be enough to create mystical myths about the greatness and the academic world has some pretty formidable.

Ones stay tuned to find out the top universities in the world considered to be the most respectable popular reputable and worthwhile centers of education globally what makes a university great some commonly upheld factors are its academic reputation.

International outlook and the industry recognition let’s look at the list of the best universities in the world. MIT is the lama mater to the fictional genius from Avengers Tony Stark or Iron Man the university has quite a few very real reasons for its super magnetic charm though not an Ivy League university.

MIT has managed to create a league of its own extremely competitive with an acceptance rate of less than 8% it is best known for its engineering computer science.

The core sciences economics and Media Lab which is famous for unconventional research interests Stanford University the star of the West Coast has given the world nearly 75 billionaires and what’s more the net worth of these money mentors is the highest any University in the world has ever produced.

Stanford is also one of the most-re search friendly universities in the world since its origin there have been 83 Nobel Prizes associated with Stanford but not just in academics Stanford also has a rich tradition of winners in the Olympics since the beginning of last century.

It’s one of the best universities in the world indeed established 800 years ago the University of Oxford is the second oldest university in the world in continuous operation made up of many colleges Oxford is as prestigious as they come Oxford has received accolades for the largest contribution to leading academic journals highlighting.

Its research stronghold one of the most respected names in science and engineering around the world California Institute of Technology or Cal tech is a phenomenal school. it shares a strong traditional rivalry with MIT which is also equally lauded for its prowess in science and engineering.

This rivalry though has had many comical outcomes thanks to the shrewd pranks played by each school on the other Cal tech has a much smaller student body as compared to the other Institutes but its combined intellect is enough to give many larger universities a run for their money a phenomenal school indeed Harvard University need.

We say more undoubtedly one of the most reputed names in and out of the academic world eight US presidents have walked in its dorms. Harvard has also the highest number of Nobel laureates in the world .

There are 161 of them and counting it is famous for social sciences mathematics general sciences law and business majors and even beyond its excellent academic record.

It is very active in sports social clubs and it’s library holds 17 million books you cannot go wrong with Harvard often in a stiff competition with Oxford the University of Cambridge is the other ancient and still running University in the world.

It houses the Cambridge University Press which is the world’s oldest publishing house 14 British Prime Ministers and Cambridge share a common past crowning. it as a center of academic athletic and political influence ETCH Zurich is dedicated to science engineering mathematics and technology and it is one of the most respected Institutes.

In those fields having alumni of the likes of Albert Einstein who did his PhD there apart from its research excellence. it is also known for its quirky engineering chops like making music with transformers and wheelchairs that climb the stairs Princeton is a private Ivy League Research University .

Where Einstein taught after the world war Prince ton still has this cottage where he lived Amazon’s Jeff Bozos John F Kennedy the father of computers Alan Turing and the Beautiful Mind’s John Nash are among its notable alumni among others and that includes Batman by the way Imperial College London.

It’s the birthplace of penicillin holography fiber optics and the rock band Queen the Imperial College London is the product of the vision of the British royalty about 150 years ago ICL is a premier Institute for science engineering medicine and business considered to be one of the world’s most innovative universities.

It has the largest depository of brain tissue for research and a massively funded Center dedicated to climate change study birthplace of the first nuclear fission that ultimately led to the Manhattan Project and the atom bomb the University of Chicago is the epicenter of excellence in research and application.

It provides a unique access to Chicago’s massive job network and with neighbors like the Obama’s and the gorgeous Lake Michigan next door it is truly an experience to live and study here University College London was the first University. In England built to admit students who are excluded from university education.

It was also the first in the country to admit women it is a major competitor to the likes of Oxford Cambridge and the other powerhouses in the world. it is now one of Britain’s most global universities attracting international students from all over including Mahatma Gandhi full of secret societies century-old traditions and a major hub for future American CIA operatives Yale University boasts a history that dates it as the third oldest university.

In America it has produced billionaires Supreme Court justices and political hots hots including US presidents a center of Education and influence tidily rolled into one impressive university founded by none other than the man whose face is the hundred dollar bill Benjamin Franklin came about even before America’s Declaration of Independence. In fact it’s alumni include many who signed the Declaration and its Constitution clearly.

It has had a major influence in the making of the country as we know it even Trump has walked its hallways as a younger full haired version of himself famous especially for its business school Wharton it also has many Rhodes and Fulbright Scholars Nobel laureates Pulitzer winners CEO’s and billionaires.

It’s also where the first general-purpose electronic computer was built on the grounds of what was formerly a mental asylum Columbia University is home to the famous literary award the Pulitzer Prize a first for many commendable feats.

It is where the first medical degree was ever awarded in the United States the first to develop FM radio laser and the first ever student-run gay rights group it has also maintained its rank in the top for a search education journalism and sports. it is conveniently located in New York City with access to excellent networking opportunities for jobs or otherwise home to nearly a thousand student bodies and secret clubs Cornell came to be founded by visionaries Andrew Dickinson White and Ezra Cornell.

Who is also the father of Western Union it has a rich history of intellectual pursuits it was founded on the principles of being an excellent resource for education. In any field a quality it still holds proudly Cornell happens to be the only public Ivy League university in America and has alumni you surely must have heard of irrelevant to its immensely popular status as one of Asia’s as well as the world’s best universities.

The National University of Singapore has a hug me coca-cola machine that dispenses a cola bottle when you hug it so with your thirst quenched you can appreciate some more relevant facts despite.

Its young age this research university has received accolades for its excellence in scientific research medicine it’s law and business programs it also hosts various inter disciplinary and intercollegiate programs.

In collaboration with other stalwarts like Yale Harvard and the University of Michigan plus its location in the cosmopolitan city country of Singapore makes it one of the most favorite destination for international students Johns Hopkins University yes there’s ans at the end of John a philanthropist Johns. Hopkins gave away a sum of 144 million dollars in today’s dollars to establish a hospital and a university in 1876 quite a large amount even in these times. It led to the foundation of America’s first ever research university pioneering in equal rights in all respects the university enrolled African American students.

When it was still not readily accepted elsewhere this is also the same school that began accepting women to medical school on an equal footing way back in 1892 often referred to as the MIT of Chitchatting University has recently overcome its moniker. it has now surpassed MIT in reputation as the best Engineering College in the world a leading research University. In various disciplines it has become a major attraction for international students.

Its budget Crossing 3.5 billion dollars is the largest in China in fact it is quite high even in Asia placing Songhua as a center of Education committed to excel in research and education the free speech movement began on the steps of Berkeley in protest to political and academic censoring on campus back in the early 60 s related to the anti Vietnam War and civil rights movements it has shaped the current attitude of freedom of political views in the American society besides its political influence University of California Berkeley is a major hub for research with connections to all major national laboratories in the U.S.

It claims the origin of the atomic bomb the cyclotron and its contribution to the discovery of a major number of elements in the periodic table lama mater to the voice of Darth Vader.

The University of Michigan has more than one reason to celebrate its fame conferred the status as a doctoral university with very high research. It has one of the largest annual research expenditures of about 1.5 billion dollars it also has a well-known college football team they former US President Gerald Ford.

Once played meeting Harry Potter’s fantasy invisible cloak scientists at Duke have actually managed to construct centimetre level invisibility but Duke itself is far from invisible to the world of academic and athletic success.

it has among the highest number of Rhodes Truman and other academic scholars so there you have it a representative list of the best universities in the world do you see yourself strolling the hallways of one of these prestigious institutions at MBA Crystal Ball our admission consultants have helped many applicants get into the top universities. if you need professional help with your applications drop us an email all the best.

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