Life In A College Hostel


Every college has hostel wear student from outside live. It is like a home for them. Hostel life is the most pleasurable period of a student’s life. It is a world in itself. It has its deep Impressions and memories  which remain alive till the last moment of man’s life. Hostel life offers  many advantages to the students.

Hostel life gives a particular training to a students in his mental, moral and spiritual development. Here a  students is not under the close check of his parents. He has to perform his work with perfect Independence.  His habits become regular and his mind is indiscipline.

He has to obey the hostel rules at every cost. He is made to study during the study hours. He is not allowed to move outside after certain hours of night. He learns the value of punctuality. He gets up early in the morning to say his prayers. Regularity  in rising and sleeping keep him health and active.

In every hostel, there is reading room. Many daily newspapers and magazines come here. The residents of hostel can enrich their knowledge by means of this informative reading material. The common room has an attraction of its own.

The students assemble in the evening and take part in various indoor games. Every common room is also equipped with a T.V set.  There  are annual contests and competitions among the hostel students.

In a hostel, the students learn many things from one another. The students comes to live in the hostel from various places of the country. Each students brings his own culture, tradition and languages with him. The students exchange their views on different topics and thus the learn many things from one another.

They also share and sympathizes with one another is the hardships and difficulties of life. Moreover, hostel life produces in the students a sense of confidence and self help. The students have to live without the help of their parents.

Every hostel students as to set the daily routine of life himself. He has to make his own bed, polish his own  shoes, press his clothes and manage   his daily affairs of life.

Hostel life has advantage also. Sometimes, the students get actually spoiled in a hostel. Some begin to love films and fashions and waste their money on gambling and drinking. They become careless about their studies. They go to cinema houses is frequently and waste their time and money.

They sometimes quarrel over  little things. Parties and groups are formed among them. They keep weapons in their rooms and use them in their petty quarrels. Moreover, hostel life is also very expensive. Most of the parents cannot afford it. In spite of the disadvantages  of hostel life, its, educative values cannot be denied.

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