Our educational instructive issues everywhere on over the world 2020

The present system of education is rotten to the cure. it was designed to create clerks of the East India company and letter on the supply a number of officers to run the administration.Since the production of Pakistan, there has been a cry from the individuals that the predominant arrangement of training ought to be updated. Today we face numerous instructive issues.

First, our education is not based on Islamic principles. It is too materialistic in its Outlook. The result is chaos in society. The students of today are disrespectful to their parents and elders. The present indiscipline in the schools should base our education on Islamic ideology.  We should pursue western science, but we should not forget that we are Muslims.

Secondly, ours is a developing country. we need more and more skilled worker. we need doctors engineers, agriculturists, technicians in all spheres of life. Our problem is to have more industrial and technical colleges.

Instruction in humanities ought to remain however it ought to be limited uniquely to a couple. This will solve the  problem of unemployment to a great extent. Moreover, we shall be able to get rid of the foreign experts.

Thirdly, the need for suitable books is being acutely felt in Pakistan. Most of the books are foreign  published. Some are published  in Pakistan but they are not up to the mark. The learned men and scholars in the country must devote themselves to the writing of new books according to our needs.

History will have to be rewritten with special reference to the achievements of our national heroes. Modern Urdu literature should be given a place in the syllabic. Reading texts must have scientific knowledge in them. They should preach our national ideology.

Fourthly, the most baffling questions is that of the national language. There is a debate in the country weather  the medium of instruction should be Urdu or English. English is an international language. It has become a language of learning, and communication. The waste stores of scientific and technical knowledge present in it. Urdu is our National Knowledge. What should be the medium of instruction?

Lastly, our system of examinations needs a drastic change. Our examinations are not sure test of one’s ability. Good marks and divisions in the examinations depend on chance and cramming.  A good student may fall ill and secure a poor third division: a poor students may cram a few questions and get a high first class.

Our education should discourage cramming. it should take all possible steps to generate  originality of thought and an aptitude for research work.


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