History of student Affairs

It is in the interest of students and teachers to have ideal or Perfect colleges in different parts of the country. Most universities, which are very flawed and deficient in a few regards, will at that point attempt to become immaculate like the ideal schools  If a really ideal colleges does not exist anywhere. It can be described here for the guidance of other colleges.

First of all, an ideal college is  ideally or most suitably located. It is quite far from the crowded City or town life, but not so distant as to make is difficult or expensive for students to reach it. It should be no more than 10 km from the central city areas. Then its boundaries should touch vast parks and Open Spaces so that the noise and confusion of city life is kept at safe distances.

Secondly, the ideal college has several blocks fulfilling the requirements of the different subjects. The art block has several departments housed in separate Sub-blocks. For example, English Urdu, Persian, Arabic, etc. have their departments with the staff of the individual subjects with their heads settings in separate room. The classrooms for the subjects are in these Sub-blocks.

Each department has its own library and research facilities. However, there is a continuous interchange of  students and teachers between the several departments.

The students below and M.A  have several subject combinations. Those in M.A. specialize in their subjects and only stay in the departments most of the time. The library of each Department is well -equipped and goes on developing further.

The science blocks, in addition to having classrooms and offices, has modern laboratories. The latest scientific apparatus and equipment are available. The students with the help of their teachers, go on experimenting on new methods and procedures.

In physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, and other science subject, the students and teachers go on learning the results of studies and research in the advanced countries. The libraries of these departments have the best books in English published all over the world. Some translations of these books into Urdu and also available.

Computer teaching and training has special importance. The college maintains a computer center of international standards. The students learn the latest computer programmers. They are also thought Computer technology and the maintenance of computer hardware and software. They are prepared for the manufacturer of these in factories.

The ideal colleges of the above descriptions has the best facilities of sports. The playgrounds are vast as well- maintained. Players get special and Prolonged training in Sports, especially in cricket, hockey, football, and swimming.

The ideal school advances open talking about the most noteworthy request. It informs students, through debates and public discussions, about our national problems and issues. Its prepares them to later become national leaders and Parliamentarians.

No doubt, the ideal college brings forth famous artist, writers, Scientists, scholar, speakers, computers, expert. Player and sports man of national and international standing. Its teachers see to it that the students to develop their minds, bodies and character in the best possible ways.

All this is possible because the colleges has really able, capable and noble teachers. The teachers are devoted to their work, like true national leaders and nation builders. Whose aim is to take the nation to the greatest height of progress and success.


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