Coronavirus: Seven different forms of mild COVID-19, according to a new study

In a new study recently published in the journal Allergy, scientists and medical researchers, including those from the Austrian Medical University of Vienna, identified seven different forms of mild COVID-19. In addition, it claims that the novel corona virus leaves significant changes in the immune system even 10 weeks after the initial infection is detected.

Although researchers and scientists are working tirelessly to develop a clinically approved vaccine and control the spread of the deadly virus, this new discovery is important in treating patients and developing a possible vaccine against the virus. Progress can be made.

Study: Seven Different ‘Disease Forms’ in Mild COVID-19

The study was led by Amnia expert Winfred F. Peckel and allergist Rudolf Valenta, both from the Road Physiology, Infection and Immunology Center at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria. Were They gathered 109 victims and 98 healthy people to start the program. In the study, they discovered seven different ‘disease forms’ in mild COVID-19 patients. Symptom groups include:

1-Flu-like symptoms with fever, chills, fatigue and cough.

2- Common symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, dry throat and runny nose, and cold with joint and muscle pain.

3- Pain in joints and muscles

4-Eye Inflammation of eye and mucus

5-Pneumonia and lung problems with shortness of breath.

6-Gastrointestinal problems including diarrhea, nausea and headache.

7-Loss of sense of smell and taste and other symptoms.

According to the researchers, “the loss of smell and taste mainly affects individuals with a ‘young immune system,’ measured by the number of immune cells – T lymphocytes – that have recently migrated from the thymus gland. Are. ” “This means that we were clearly distinguished from the basic covariance disease-related organ forms (groups 6 and 7) militarily (groups 1 and 3),” said Winfred F. Peckel, one of the scientists.

on the Blood of Recovered Patients

Effects of Covid-19 Studies have also shown that Covid-19 lags behind prolonged identification changes in the blood of influences, which is similar to fingerprints.

According to Pickle, “Both the CD4 and CD8T cells, which are important for immunity – the memory cells in the basket and the CD8T cells have been actively moving. This indicates that early several weeks after the infection is disease of the immune system strong. at the same time,is the very lack of regulatory

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he also Claimed that the human immune system strengthens itself while defending the body against the combined action of defense cells and antibodies against covide 19.


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